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What Does a Securities Fraud Lawyer Do?

Some investment losses can appear relatively straightforward on the surface but may involve a number of regulatory and legal issues that could have contributed to—or directly caused— those losses. Securities fraud is a complex area of law that requires substantial knowledge and experience to identify instances of fraud and gather evidence to prove it.

When most investors experience investment losses, they are not typically familiar with the complicated regulatory or legal issues that may constitute negligence, securities fraud, or other improper behavior. By the time they suspect wrongdoing could have played a role in their investment losses, it may already be too late.

At Colling Gilbert Wright, our experienced securities fraud attorneys are committed to standing up for the rights and best interests of fraud victims. We are dedicated to holding wrong-dors accountable for their negligent actions and helping our clients recover their losses.

What Is a Securities Fraud Lawyer?

Generally speaking, a securities fraud lawyer is an attorney who specializes in the laws that govern the securities industry. A securities fraud attorney represents investors who have suffered monetary losses due to fraud and advocates for individuals involved in disputes with stockbrokers, financial advisors, and other investment professionals.

Sometimes referred to as investment fraud attorneys, securities fraud lawyers handle cases in which someone broke the law or defrauded another person in connection with an investment or a financial duty. These cases may be handled through federal court, FINRA arbitration, or another forum.

Securities fraud lawyers can assist with a range of cases involving stockbroker and financial advisor fraud, such as:

A securities fraud lawyer investigates financial advisors and firms that have caused their clients harm and pursues justice through FINRA arbitration, or, when appropriate, through a lawsuit against the responsible parties in state or federal court.

How Can a Securities Fraud Lawyer Help?

A securities fraud lawyer understands the complex laws that govern the securities industry. If you were the victim of stockbroker fraud, your attorney can:

  • Review the documents and evidence in your case and assess the merits of your claim
  • Identify the applicable legal theories under which you may seek recovery
  • Determine whether FINRA arbitration or a court of law is appropriate for your case
  • Walk you through the complicated process of arbitration or litigation and manage the deadlines to assert your claims
  • Explain what documentation you need to provide and how you will participate in your case

How Your Securities Attorney Can Pursue Compensation

If you suffered a monetary loss because of your broker’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for the total value of your losses. This is typically accomplished by filing a legal claim. In some rare cases, securities disputes are conducted in traditional courtroom settings. However, in the vast majority of investment fraud cases, the claims are presented to a FINRA arbitration panel. This is because most brokers and brokerage firms require their clients to sign customer agreements that include pre-dispute arbitration clauses within them.

These types of provisions require investors to take any securities-related claim they may have through the FINRA arbitration process. Pre-dispute arbitration provisions are enforceable in Florida and throughout the United States with very few exceptions.

If your claim will go before a FINRA arbitration panel, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable securities fraud attorney promptly. Investment fraud cases are very complex, and your right to appeal is much more limited than it is in traditional litigation. Because of this, it is crucial that your case is handled correctly the first time.

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Whether you invested in bonds, annuities, commodities, mutual funds, or other securities,  and you believe—or even suspect— that your advisor or broker engaged in fraudulent activity, it is critical that you speak with an experienced securities fraud lawyer as soon as possible. Without knowledgeable legal guidance, you may not recover the monetary losses you sustained by investing with a broker who betrayed your trust.

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