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Alternative Investment Fraud Lawyer

Alternative investments are sometimes recommended by brokers as a way to diversify a portfolio or achieve higher returns. Unlike stocks, bonds and mutual funds in publically traded companies, alternative investments often lack transparency regarding their issuers’ financial situation and may be much riskier than traditional investing.

If you have been the victim of alternative investment fraud, you deserve an experienced and aggressive attorney who is prepared to fight tooth and nail to help you recover your damages.

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Examples of Alternative Investments

Alternative investments may include:

  • Real estate investments and real estate investment trusts
  • Shares of privately held companies
  • Start-ups
  • Hedge funds
  • Limited partnerships
  • Promissory notes
  • Tenets in common
  • Asset protection programs
  • Offshore investments

Any investment suggested by a broker or investment professional that is not stock in a publically traded company may be considered an alternative investment.

Prior to offering these investments, a thorough investigation must be performed by the investing officer. Failure to do so or intentionally misleading an investor constitutes fraud and demands the attention of an experienced alternative investment lawyer.

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