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How to Recoup Your Puerto Rico Bond Fraud Losses

The outlook for any UBS Puerto Rico bond investors is continuing to look dire. The Puerto Rico bond funds are currently ranked just one step above ‘junk bonds’ with many United States investment rating services while continuing to steadily depreciate in value.

Many investors purchased bonds now valued at $4.08 at a rate of $10.00 per share. For a number of shareholders, their investment portfolios were extremely over concentrated in these funds. Many people have suffered devastating losses as a result of an over-concentration of Puerto Rico muni-bonds in their financial portfolio.

UBS Puerto Rico Funds Being Investigated

For a number of other investors, financial losses were magnified due to investors owning the bonds through leveraged closed-end funds. Financial experts report that by using leveraged closed-end funds, investors were exposed to a higher rate of risk and potential losses.

The specific closed-end funds which are being investigated by law firms includes the following:

  • Puerto Rico AAA Portfolio Target Maturity Fund
  • Puerto Rico GNMA US Government Target Maturity Fund
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund II
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund III
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund IV
  • Puerto Rico Fixed Income Fund V
  • Tax-Free Puerto Rico Fund, Inc.
  • Tax-Free Puerto Rico Fund II, Inc.
  • Tax-Free Puerto Rico Target Maturity Fund, Inc.
  • Tax Free Puerto Rico Fund
  • Puerto Rico AAA Portfolio Bond Fund
  • Puerto Rico AAA Portfolio Bond Fund II

If you suffered any investment losses from the UBS closed-end fund scheme, our experienced bond fraud attorneys based in Florida are here to help. We can provide you with an evaluation of your potential claim and work with you to recoup your losses.

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