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Securities Brokerage Firms and Brokers That Sold GPB Capital Investments

The Securities Negligence and Fraud Attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright are Investigating and filing FINRA arbitration cases against brokerage firms that recommended and sold funds sponsored by GPB Capital Holdings, LLC.

In early February, a federal indictment was unsealed against GPB Capital insiders David Gentile (54), Jeffry Schneider (52), and Jeffrey Lash (51). David Gentile was the founder, owner, and CEO of GPB Capital, Jeffry Schneider was the CEO of Ascendant Capital, the placement agent for GPB, and Lash was a managing partner of GPB Capital primarily responsible for overseeing GPB’s investments in car dealerships. GPB Capital is a New York-based alternative asset manager that raised over $1.8 billion dollars from investors across the United States.

GPB offered a series of limited partnership deals, including:

  • GPB Holdings, LP
  • GPB Holdings II, LP
  • GPB Automotive Portfolio, LP
  • GPB Waste Management, LP
  • GPB Cold Storage, LP

GPB was sold by a vast network of brokerage firms who promised protection of principal investment, a steady dividend payment, and major upside if and when GPB went public. 

GPB’s funds have not paid any distributions since 2018, have substantially declined in principal value, and are illiquid, meaning investors are stuck in these funds with no way to sell and/or recoup their losses outside of deeply discounted prices offered on various secondary markets. In the wake of the accusations against GPB, individual investors are filing FINRA arbitration claims against registered broker/dealers that sold the private placements packaged by GPB (listed below).

Under FINRA rules, brokerage firms have an obligation to perform due diligence on investments before they are recommended and sold to investors. They are also required to fully disclose all risks and characteristics of the particular investment to their customer. If a registered broker/dealer fails to perform adequate due diligence, and investors suffer damages as a result, the brokerage firm may be liable for corresponding investor losses.


Accelerated Capital Group
Advisory Group Equity Services
Aegis Capital Corp.
American Capital Partners
Arete Wealth Management
Arkadios Capital
Ascendant Alternative Strategies
Ausdal Financial Partners
Avere Financial Group
Axiom Capital Management
BCG Securities
Benjamin & Jerold Brokerage
Cabot Lodge Securities
Calton & Associates
Cape Securities
Capital Investment Group
Center Street Securities
Coastal Equities
Colorado Financial Service Corp.
Concorde Investment Services
Crown Capital Securities
Crystal Bay Securities
David A. Noyes & Company
Dawson James Securities
Dempsey Lord Smith
DFPG Investments
Dinosaur Financial Group
Emerson Equity
FSC Securities Corp.
Geneos Wealth Management
Great Point Capital
Hightower Securities
IBN Financial Services
Innovation Partners
International Assets Advisory
Kalos Capital
Kingsbury Capital
Landolt Securities
Lewis Financial Group
Lowell & Company
Madison Avenue Securities
McDonald Partners
McNally Financial Services Corp.
Moloney Securities
Money Concepts Capital Corp.
National Securities Corp.
Newbridge Securities Corp.
Orchard Securities
Pariter Securities
Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments
Royal Alliance Associates
SagePoint Financial
Sandlapper Securities
SCF Securities
Sentinus Securities
Silber Bennett Financial
Stephen A. Kohn & Associates
Triad Advisors
Uhlmann Price Securities
Vanderbilt Securities
Vestech Securities
Western International Securities
Westpark Capital
Whitehall-Parker Securities
Windsor Street Capital
Woodbury Financial Services

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