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Colling Gilbert Wright is Currently Investigating the Sale of Non-Traded REITs by LPL, VSR, Invest Financial Corp., Money Concepts Capital Corp. and other regional brokerage firms.

Non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) were marketed as an alternative to traditional income generating investments, such as bonds and CD’s that have seen their returns decline over the past decade.   However, after the global financial and real estate crisis in 2008, many REITS have experienced significant reductions in valuations and have also cut their dividends or distributions. Moreover, many investors were not adequately explained the risks of non-traded REITS including the potential for lost principal, reduced or eliminated distributions and no ready market to liquidate the investments (lack of liquidity).

The Law firm of Colling Gilbert Wright has successfully recovered losses on behalf of dozens of investors who purchased non-traded REITS and other alternative investments for regional brokerages.  We also have a number of cases involving non-traded REITS.  If you are currently holding a non-performing alternative investment, please contact our firm for a free case evaluation.  You may call toll free 1-(407) 712-7300 or (407) 712-7300.  We only represent investors on a contingency fee basis and will not get paid unless we are successful.