FDIC Suit Revival by Appeals Court Riles Defendant Banks

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Deutche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have requested the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider a recent ruling that effectively revived a suit brought by the Federal Depositors Insurance Corp.’s (FDIC) alleging securities fraud associated with the sale of approximately $2.1 billion worth of residential mortgage-backed securities.  The banks argue the appeals court ruling defied the U.S. Supreme Court.

The banks claim the Fifth Circuit’s holding...that a Texas district court judge disregarded an FDIC statute preempting all state limitations periods....when it dismissed the consolidated suit accusing Deutche Bank, RBS as well as Goldman Sachs & Co. of fraudulently underwriting and marketing residential mortgage backed securities.  The banks counsel argued the courts holding relied on issues that were already roundly rejected by the Supreme Court.

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