Canarsie Capital Founder Appologizes For Blowing Up His Hedge Fund

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Canarsie Capital founder appologized to his investors who saw the firm's capital decrease form roughly $100 Million in March 2014 to an estimated  $200,000 earlier this month.  Li, owner and founder of the firm said in attempting to achieve higher returns for his fund and its investors he "acted over zealously causing devastating losses for which there is no excuse."  There has been no indication of wrongdoing at this point but there most likely will be investor and regulatory inquiries.  Canarsie's prime broker is listed as Morgan Stanley on regulatory filings. 

The experienced security fraud attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter are currently investigating the Canarsie Capital collapse. We encourage you to contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter  for a free case evaluation if you were a former investor in Canarsie Capital.