Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Bond Market Sees Record $74 Billion of Inflows in May

A record $74 billion flowed into taxable bond funds in May and was the primary force behind the second straight month of positive flows into mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. According to Morningstar, long-term mutual funds and ETFs, which excludes money market funds, experienced $33 billion in net inflows last month, in stark contrast to March’s record $326 billion in net outflows. The reduced market volatility in May also reduced flows into money market funds. But money market funds have still taken in $1.1 trillion so far this year.

UBS Ordered To Pay Largest FINRA Award To Date for Losses Associated with Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds and Bond Funds

This week, a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) panel ordered UBS Financial Services Inc. (UBS) to pay restitution of nearly $20 million dollars for losses associated with the recommendation and sale of Puerto Rico bonds and closed-end funds sold to a UBS customer and his associates. This is the largest amount tha

House Committees Ready Two New Assaults on DOL fiduciary Rule This Week

An article published yesterday (July 17, 2017) in InvestmentNews, reveals two House panels are poised to launch assaults on the Labor Department's fiduciary rule. One is a vote on a bill to kill Labor's rule and replace it with a disclosure-based best-interest standard, while another will take up legislation to prevent funding for enforcement of the regulation.  As it usually plays out, if successful, Wall Street wins and individual investors again lose. Gone will be the newly enacted protections so badly needed in an industry characterized by systemic conflict and greed.


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