What is Securities Arbitration?

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When most people think of legal claims, they imagine ending up in a traditional courtroom: judge, jury, witness chair, etc. And this does happen frequently. However, in the case of securities fraud, many claims end up in arbitration instead.

This is often a provision of the contract you sign with your brokerage firm: any dispute must be handled in binding arbitration, not a courtroom. That’s why having the securities claims arbitration attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter on your side is so important. We’re familiar with the process.

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The arbitration process itself is relatively simple. You and the party you believed wrong you will go before a panel of three impartial arbitrators and present your cases. They will listen to the case and come down with a ruling.

This ruling is binding and cannot be appealed. As such, it’s crucial you have an attorney who is familiar with the arbitration process.

That’s what we offer. We’ve helped hundreds of clients pursue compensation through the securities claim s arbitration process, and we can do the same for you.

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