What Are My Stockbroker’s Duties To Me?

Representing Investors Nationwide

While losing money in the stock market is always devastating, it usually doesn’t rise to the level of legally actionable fraud. As an investor, you take certain risks every time you make a purchase or a sale on the market.

Part of the what the stockbroker fraud attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter do is evaluate whether or not you have a viable claim against your broker. There are national and state regulations establishing the broker’s duties toward you; put simply, your broker has an obligation to only recommend transactions that they have a reasonable basis to believe are suitable and appropriate for your specific needs.

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Your stockbroker has to put your interests first. We place a lot of trust in our brokers’ hands, and this entails certain obligations for the investment advisor. Suitability is one of those obligations, but others include:

  • Disclosing all relevant facts concerning a potential investment
  • Only making transactions when they have explicit authority to do so
  • Brokerage firms have an obligation to supervise their brokers and their work

Our stockbroker fraud attorneys will thorough investigate the circumstances of your loss to determine if you have a viable claim. If we find that legal action isn’t appropriate in your case, we’ll be clear and honest about that reality.

If you need to talk to a stockbroker fraud attorney about a potential claim, please contact Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter for a free consultation.