What is Mutual Fund Fraud?

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Mutual funds are highly diversified investments that are designed to provide benefits to investors with limited knowledge. When a stockbroker or investment advisor misrepresents the risks or recommends an investment that is not right for a particular client’s goals or acceptable risk level, it is mutual fund fraud.

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Some of the ways that mutual fund fraud can happen is through unauthorized switching, churning, or making dishonest recommendations. Novice investors who are drawn to mutual funds for their ease of use can be easy targets for unscrupulous brokers. Mutual fund fraud is regulated by state and federal laws, just like all securities fraud. It may be difficult to know if you have been defrauded, but some of the common indications of mutual fund fraud include:

  • Unauthorized changes to your mutual fund
  • Concentrated or volatile investments recommended by your broker
  • Excessive charges on your mutual fund

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