Social Media Stock Scams Harm Florida Investors

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With the rise of social medical such as Twitter and Facebook, internet stock scams are becoming an increasing concern. The SEC, FIRNA, and the FBI are all aware of an increase in internet fraud and are taking steps to help prevent the problem, but, unlike other types of securities fraud, the constant information provided by internet sources has made cracking down on these instances incredibly difficult.

The best way to protect yourself against social media stock scams is to be aware that they exist and to tread carefully when making financial decisions based on Twitter feeds or Facebook posts. These things can easily be hacked, resulting in impulse decisions made by investors that can have far-reaching and devastating consequences.

If you have fallen victim to internet fraud in Florida, you need an aggressive securities fraud claim attorney on your side. The Orlando stock market fraud attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter are prepared to investigate your claim and fight for your rights, helping to see that justice is served.

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