Security Fraud Class-Actions show Downward Trend

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The number of federal class-action securities fraud cases filed in 2012 fell by 19 percent compared to 2011, according to a recent Stanford Law School report.

One-hundred and fifty-two federal, class-action securities fraud cases were filed in 2012, while 188 were filed in 2011. The drop in cases is probably due in part to the lack of new cases related to the credit crisis, for which cases peaked in 2008 according to Bloomberg.

Although the trends in the types of cases being filed may be changing, securities fraud still happens. If you think you may have fallen victim to securities fraud, you should contact our experienced attorneys so we can review the details of your case. Securities fraud cases often take the form of:

Sometimes, normal losses are misidentified as securities fraud. It’s important to understand the difference. Stock market losses are most often the result of a change in market conditions. Sometimes, losses are the result of fraud. Our attorneys can determine whether fraud has caused your losses.

If you think you may be the victim of securities fraud, please contact Colling, Gilbert, Wright & Carter for a free case evaluation with our experienced Florida securities fraud attorneys.