Washington Mutual Purchase Gives JP Morgan Chase 15% of bank-broker market

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According to a September 26, 2008 Investment News article , the purchase of WaMu Investments, Inc. by JP Morgan Chase will give the combined entity approximately 15% of the market.

Accounting for roughly 10% of the nation’s retail-securities business done at banks, JP Morgan Chase & Co. is set to become even more dominant in that segment once it completes its $1.9 billion takeover of Washington Mutual Inc.

WaMu Investments Inc., the Irvine, Calif.-based broker-dealer of the Seattle-based bank holding company, employs approximately 60 Series 7 (general securities representatives) brokers and 500 Series 6 (mutual fund sales) platform representatives.

JP Morgan Chase has approximately 2000 Series 7 brokers and 10,000 Series 6 (mutual fund sales) reps. Meanwhile, WaMu accounts for about 5% of the bank brokerage business. Both banks specialize in mutual fund investments.

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